Cacao Route
This fascinating tour route celebrates Ecuador’s rich cacao heritage by visiting three historical haciendas on a stretch that runs from the southwest of Guayaquil to the northeast of Napo. These lovely estates welcome visitors for a good tasting of Ecuador’s famed chocolate, and a chance to learn more about the cacao crop and production. Guests can also go horseback riding, hiking and swimming
Whale Watching

These gracious, giant mammals—some measuring up to 45 feet long--swim up from Antarctica to partake in their annual mating ritual in the warm waters off Ecuador. Although whale watching can be done all along the Ecuadorian coast, the best spot is Puerto Lopez, a small fishing village in southern Manabi. Tour boats (or local fishermen) will take you out to observe the Humpback courtship spectacle, then on to Isla de la Plata, known for a variety of seabirds second only to the Galapagos.


The entire coastline of Ecuador is suitable for surfing, from Casablanca Beach in Esmeralda to Los Picos Beach in the south. The surf season is November to March, when 2-6-foot swells are the norm. The small town of Montanitas is known not just for its surf, but its embracing of surf culture. Laid back bars and hotels make the scene relaxed and hard to leave.



The biodiversity of Ecuador's Amazon Basin is some of the richest on the globe. Here pink dolphins are plentiful, and the birdwatching is some of the most rewarding anywhere. While the bio-diversity of Ecuador's Amazon Basin is truly remarkable, it is the combination of breathtaking beauty and the region's rich culture that make it a truly memorable destination. The lush green carpet of the rainforest provides a stunning backdrop for the crafts of indigenous craftsmen and traditional cuisines offer the adventurous a unique way to experience the natural world

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